Monday, July 27, 2009

It's about time Pictures only.

I am headed out birding, but when I get back I will start sorting my pictures and clearing up my troglodytic hovel from which I type. I find that instead of the boring tile, a scattering of LPs, bird books , VHS tapes,
cd cases without the correct cd in them, Album covers without albums in them, notes to myself which I never followed through on 2 hats a shirt, the Gandalf staff I never finished a Blackthorn cane from SW Ireland, optical equipment an old Canon Film camera I am messing with trying to figure out how to use the lenses on my digital, maybe duct tape, a stuffed chicken(dog toy) and 2 sleeping dogs. and a cat. I do not have a clue what is in that Xmas light stable and farm box, but I know it is not that. SWMBO has that in her Witch room, surrounded by horse figurines. Some kind of curse causing alter methinks.I look around A cowboy hat that does not fit me on the lamp, and my CORRECTLY folded by a registered Harley Hells Angel american flag bandana, which I wore with complete leathers when I rode "Bitch" on a Harley with others. One of the most exciting days of my life ! Among the nicest folk I ever met.
I find it quite attractive and homely.
I look around and realise there is not enough time to relate the next five shelves. How to explain the radio controlled mouse I built, the wireless rain gauge and the cricket cabin.Amongst other stuff!!
Gone birding. Pics later

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