Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You can't teach STUPID.

Here comes the rabid critique.You won't win so do not even try to correct me.
I have spent the last six months banging my head against the pure ignorance,illiteracy stupidity, reading and writing level third grade max. and total indifference of 210 9th graders, less the ones in jail, home pregnant, or miss class because they are whacked out from chemicals or just "Did not feel like coming to school" I love to put a hooker question on my final. "is Blythe in .a North America, b asia, c south america,d the european union " Hysterical South America wins every time, go figure, it might as well !
My final is set out as a serious experiment on the intelligence of the upcoming rulers fof america.
I will record the results accurately and provide and an analysis.
My hypothesis.
You can give the current youth as much rope as they need to avoid their own hanging from a 12 foot tree branch, and they will not get it right.
My final is open book, They have 49 questions in 90 minutes, It is multiple guess questions. They have had them at least 3 times before. I have given them the chapters to look in and they will be in that order and will be in order of the information in the chapter. Bubble in the scantron.
I promise I will give you the correct results. I will start off the betting.
$100 says 10 forget to put their names on the scantron.
$500 says a kid comes to me the next day and says "Can I take it again I did not know it was open book"
$500 Three students before friday come and ask if they can take it again, as they think they could do better. Am I missing the definition of the word "FINAL"
Stay tuned, the "No child left behind " bullshit from 1/2 wit and the "VE muss rely on ejucation for der future idiot' who hacked school funding. Are pretty soon going to see the results of their stupidity.
Stay tuned and figure out who will be paying your SocSec retiremnt !
regards rh

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