Friday, January 22, 2010

Tornado : Life tick

Well the weather has been playing silly bastards 2 up with us all week.I lost half of my latest defrocking of the CRBC. Try and regroup and do that tomorrow
We lose land line connections and phones the minute a drop of rain is seen to fall, 2 drops there goes power for 24 hours. Remember all you folks out there blythe has no Verizon Wireless any goddam thing and if you get behind someones shadow the cell phone service turns to shit. Computers , landline only, the accompanying picture took 23 minutes to dowmnload. If I had tried about 18 hours ago. it would have taken 18 hours and 23 minutes. No Power. I have a fridge full of lab experiments to prove it. The janitor rushed in around 3:15 ish and said Higson lets leave my battery radio says we are going to be hit by a tornado. The lights started flickering as I started turning off my computers. He opened the door and almost got blown away totally weird. Scrambled back in. Then my clogged sinusses started to cause agony, incredible drop in barometric pressure, watching on my weather station, as it plummeted. The lights were flickering again. The most bizzare experince in my life happened, (ok after the penguin a jar of pickles four girrafes a loofa a tub of Marmite and the Mormon Tabernacle choir, but if they don't talk neither will I)

My class has a drop ceiling , the ones where they take a peaked roof and flatten it out inside instead of out side. By building a network of steel and dropping fibre acoustic tiles into the holes provided. You know the ones they have in Drs offices and you count all the holes in each one?
Any way they all started lifting up and rattling, and bobbing around, the pressure dropped that fast that they where being sucked upwards. I pointed this out to the janitor , he ran out the door awesome.. I followed , got knocked to the ground three times in the 100 feet to get to my truck , hammered by the rain, freezing cold.
Headed home. I have a Chevy s 250 Long Bed V8 pick up with a shell on it. Twice in the driving rain I was pushed back and once for a moment the left side left the surface. I arrived home terrified.
NO power, not going out into it, candle lit sandwich night. Got up this am . NO power =s no water=no toilets or cooking= a sick day. PLus I have 2 large trees in/on the roof ? and a slightly out of alignment satellite dish. As in aligned with my house. Took the pic out back as we where figuring what to do next. The sun came out M went to look for her horse place and I photod this. MOst exciting

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