Sunday, January 31, 2010

This being the third part of a Trilogy, in at least four parts, concerning the CRBC

Ahh, peace in my time.
SWMBO is off playing Horse Grandma. NOT BEEN AROUND SINCE FRIDAY.I could get to like this.
I have eaten what I wanted when I wanted. Had the joy of not getting into a "Hospital" bed for 2 nights. Just left it alone, and crawled back into the nest of pillows, dogs and rumpled sheets. Why mess with a good thing ? I have not put the cap back on the toothpaste. One toilet seat is up, and one is down, To suit my mood.Floors work as well as shelves for storing books. And the very nice lady , who asked me "Please could you turn the music down a bit?" was right you could hear The Low spark of High Heel Boys by Traffic in her front room ! I only had it on 3, and my speakers go to 11..
Not much in the way of birds, a couple of pics attached. NOW...................
No-ONE will be named, OOOOO stands for rarity committee member past or present, and no personal comments as to personal hygiene, sexual proclivities,sports teams nor eating manners will be made !
Why snivel about a Black Headed Gull, after all I have older Euro bird books that called it "The Common Black-Headed gull" Why sweat a Common bird, you ask?
Well as I have admitted , that brief onanistic moment, makes up for all the sweat, money and effort to get there. Still life in the old dog !The record will shew up somewhere and you could be part of that catch all cop out "NO pattern of wild occurence has been established".
This as we all know means no OOOOO has seen one, so it can not be true. That sent me off on the great Caracara bitch. Once everyone had seen one. it was accepted.
I am working on a list of CA birds that are one sighting records, which should not be counted. One sighting only. The imm caracara I watched in Blythe with more than a dozen folks. Made it through several categories of rejection, including "Possibility of escape not ruled out", Who in christs name breeds Caracaras in Brawley? Finally they where everywhere. Finally it appeared in print "Rare birds in California" 2007 14 years later. Glad I lived long enough to confirm my sighting !
How can this be topped we ask our selves. Well read on as I did in the aforementioned tome.
Alder Flycatcher
Under close control by Phill "Extimous" Unitt, I collected a number of specimens for the SDNHM's study of migratory birds.One of which would be SDNHM 47934 28 sep 1991.
In 1995 (?) or there abouts Unitt published an account of finding out that this in fact was an Alder Flycatcher in Western Birds It resurfaced again in 2003 in "Birds of the Salton Sea"(An essential purchase) as Californias fourth record and only specimen. Some of the Louisiana museum mind set, would say "Only undisputed record " given the difficulty of ID ing, making it a first record for CA. But four works.
So on to Alder Flycatcher in the "Rare Birds of California" 2007 page 301 "ALDER FLYCATCHER-in Circulation". This dead bird is still being circulated after 16 YEARS Jesus Christ. What happens if a 00000 dies, during the almost 20 year process of accepting a DEAD BIRD? We aren't talking sonograms, personal background checks, reliability evaluation, whether you hate me or not. It has a label, it is in a tray, it has been dead for 16 frigging years. So off I went again.
It was assigned 2007-112, and appeared in the "Update to Rare Birds of California" and remains the only specimen for CA, and who knows, possibly the only indisputable record!
Well it is almost six, time for Huevos Rancheros me thinks and a mornin' birdin'.

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