Saturday, January 16, 2010

Results from my experiment. Despair all who enter

NOTE all NUMBERS are PERCENTAGES unless noted
I will now disclose the future leaders of the USA results of the easiest test they will ever take. I hope you are sitting down.
Several states are pushing to lower the passing rate from 60 to 50. Thus rewarding mediocraty and not providing a challenge to rise above the unwashed and uncouth. Hey welcome to LOOSianna were your average JO six pack is ok "With us". Why test ?
I had at least 20 students ask me why do I have an F, I have handed in all my work and come to class often ?
They get upset when I say, Your work you handed in is crap.
One girl said "You read what I give you ? At my last school in LA we got credit if we just handed something in" AWESOME
Shame on those of my profession who think that is OK.
So illiterate half wits make it up the chain on social promotion, there is no palpable proof that these kids are doing what they should be doing.
Job evaluation based on student performance.K-8 Oh all of mine passed, good job. The high school gets these hand me downs, and all of a sudden the state holds us accountable for test scores. What am I supposed to do ? Teach them how to read , write and spell in one year as well as Earth Science.
One edjerkator said have your class read aloud once a week from the book.
Quit that, after 2 weeks of frustration. (A third refused a few tried, and managed the sound it out bit by bit on tough words like theory. You know THE-THEo-THEor-THEEOREY, pause was in-incon- long pause , kids sniggerring who would not take part. Why humiliate the kid, at least they tried ?!
OK Here we go. AS I said all numbers percents , based on 208 students
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING name and/or test #. Drew designs on Scantron.Went to special ed for help, returned with 100 and/or went home.Sat and tore test into little pieces, I threw him out, as I was starting to stare in fascination as he tore them smaller and rearranged his piles. 1% Told me to fuck off and walked out. Thrown out for classroom disruption, and/or drawing on desks
Good start, you reckon?
1-10 5
10-20 7
20-30 8
30-40 18
40-50 17
50-60 20
Now those who passed. 60% being the standard D
60-70 14
70-80 3
80-90 <1
90-100 <1
So I got 18%
Abysmal,so bad teacher Roger no pay raise on probation.
No consideration of the pablum and horse shit the unaccountable early grade teachers PASS on.So, to keep my ass in a job and show how wonderful I AM, and my administrators are, we drop to 50% passing grade Voila, Damn good job roger with a difficult group. You doubled your success rate from last year, be teacher of the year take a few days off.Have a pay raise Like I told the Governer a few modifications and our pass rate will go through the roof, look at old Higson there, man are we doing a good job. The whole education thingy is back on track.
I like the 50 % pass rate idea, all for it. Why?
I can dance around it and keep my job untill I retire!
May come back if it hits "Fill out this form in a legible manner with your name, id #, home address and the Subjekt you just completed in college. Yes sir I know you have not had access to your video console in the last 35 minutes you have been without tweet and face book and texting in line. But we need your attention. Medics get a Palm Pilot over here, inject him with 50 free play minutes..........You are ok now sir . Because of your upset and inconvenience we would like to give you this pHD
The devolution and dumbing down of America is happening even as I type this. DO NOT KID YOURSELF OTHERWISE.
I may not know much of anything , but having been involved with academia and science for more than 55 years,it is sad to see the dichotomy developing in society. In the not so distant future I see the idle rich dabbling in science,the arts, and whatever whilst sweat shops and peasents producing merchandise for those in their mansions to live off. You laugh?
Please read your History book backwards, look at the direction the % of rich is rapidly going and the % of un educated homeless poor is going.And the rapid production of an uneducated poverty stricken work force in third world countries It may not be obvious to those in La Jolla. But if you are among the masses it is sadly obvious.
UNemployed? Will you work for less than minimum wage?
There you go. Will you work for food ? All of a sudden we are a mere 250 years back in time.
Just mere speculation, please go back to tweeting, saves thinking.
Oh MY GOD, yu know the sun just came out. Gone birding

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