Monday, January 25, 2010

why life is fun if you pay close attention,

After school I restepped some of my traces. My pondering was correct. Loggerheads are all over the place. In a four mile stretch at Ave 2 Refuge 11. Heres a young un.

Is this my final grade for the semester? Yes. Will this appear on my College transcript? Yes. If I get to college and decide to major in science can I come back and take your class again? No. Oh.

A Guy drives around the 2nd street refuge every day blasting away across the fields, and scaring away every friggin bird. After finally finding a BLM guy I was assured it was legal, and was planned to keep the birds out of the refuge, until the corn was grown up. What about migratory birds that love young corn. What about the more than 6 N Harriers, 2 Praries, a Merlin, and 2 Ferrugies who feed on the winter BBirds You can't make this up. At which point those birds that have the courage to return, will be met by corn with their drivers licenses. It will take a year to recover from this daily shoot over. Lets build a mandated Restoration Project to help river birds and drive around all day driving them off because they are eating the food we planted to bring birds into the..

Lastly. Brilliant idiot talking head on Headline something like "Obama,the tax bill and the Union of gay marriage in crisis "

"And these simple given ideals appear to be visibly missing"
Like I said you can not make this up.
regards rh

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