Saturday, January 2, 2010

Awfully quiet birdwise, and a new dawn in Blythe

An absolutely stunning day to be out. Flat calm, clear,perfect light for taking pics, crisp awakening of the day warming up to a somnulent 70 degrees. Picture perfect day, for a stroll along the river with your amour, a picnic in the park and all that
Utter dead loss for birding. Apathy set in around noon around the time, perfect timimg, I got called to a Brisket BBQ. Crisis , what to wear. Clean underwear in case I get run over walking the 100 yds, everything else worked for the last week, why panic.Shortly there after, one of the young girls who is in SWMBOs riding group, Grandmother called. (She is raising this awesome little rider and her 4 brothers, typical us family today, living on the fringe. Crack head mother in Jail in Florida for murder, husband splits, Grandma gets them and does the best she can )

A quick side track. I tend to overstate and occaisionally make events a little more florid to entertain the reader , the facts are true always, but a dash of bravado adds to the tale.
When it comes to kids in my school there is no poetic licence.
At least 10% do not know where they will sleep tonight. Ponder that.
25% have one parent in jail, or on probation,
30% are from sinngle parent families, or living with a relative.
This is no brave new world, America your children are not standing on peoples shoulders and striving for a brave new america except on TV shows. They are stealing drugs from your medicine cabinet, screwing at 13 in the school bathrooms and parents funded a 4 kegger head blast party for a girl in my fourth period who turned 16. Go figure . My budget for 220 kids to teach hands on Earth Science is $420 dollars.

Oh rant over.

She has lingua and tripos soup in a big pot for me. I am going to adopt this lady.This xmas she gave me some Tamales. Possibly the only thing to remember from 2009. New Years Eve different stuff "Traditional mexican dish, you split the pigs head and...." frankly I do not care. To die for, home made tortillas and a little goat cheese and salt and lemon. Oh my goodness. Soup is on its way. Drooling in the keyboards.A perfect reason for living on the outskirts of what goes for the civilized California world there are many others, I can go in the little store and take what I need and leave the money on the counter, with a note, if I am under I make up, over she keeps track. Everyone knows everyones buiseness, after you have been here 5 years they all know it, so gossip ends. Mostly because,every ones life is just as screwed up as yours, and a simple harmony exists.
You don't go in the hair salon and say hey did you know the Jones son is a Junky, they all know and 20% of them probably have one in the family.
But in the civilized world on the West Coast, it's all speculation. I lived in a house for 6 months and never said a word to my neighbour, but we waved. Odd.

We picked up the dialogue again on BINARY DAY 01,10,10. .
Did any one else notice that ?
The world ends this October , at exactly 10;10:10 PM on 10/10/10 dumb ass mayans or whom ever it was that ran out of rock for their merely cyclical calender based on coincidences and nothing more. Or it could be AM (phew an escape clause)
Anyway I fell safe in saying the there is definitely a 50/50 chance it will happen that day. So send me all your money and I will look after it. 50/50 ? Kids don't understand . It will or it won't.
Some very nice people from the Buena Vista Aud Soc came down and birded the valley. I think they enjoyed themselves, I know I enjoyed chatting with them and pointing them at birds. I guess they sneaked out over the border while the "Uber-meister of San Diego birding" was hounding some other beginners, or quiet "Nature Lovers"

Who knows, any more. The weather was stunning. 71 in January, works for me. 11 Tundra Swans at the drop turned to four as seven left. Working with Alan Sandage and THe Shoemakers sure done taught this country boy his guzintas, and minuses !
Gotter go watch az whip Green Bay. I am looking forwards to the Super Bowl. San Diego vs either Cardinals or Saints. Beait. BUrrowing Owls appearing at their usual burrows. Most of them left. Pics on the way somewhere. Oh . Great pic of N Harrier methinks

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