Saturday, January 16, 2010

A thoughtful ponder on the validity of the CRBC.Careful over several days

I decided I would write a very lucid, carefully thought out note, in several loosly linked chapters on why the CRBC needs to be changed.
I thought "It is time the onanistic,inbred,self serving, mutual masturbating, more perfect than thou, legends in their own minds get the heave ho and realise that the new birders are here to stay. They have far better equipment and access to knowledge than you had before you backed into your iron castle of ineptitude, and shut them out. Thankyou for your efforts, now let the young Turks through and purge the backed up toilet that Ca birding hierarchy has become"
BUT, I realised that all though that is true, one should never write that nor agree,as one might as well come and join me in Blythe, hm you could do worse, so I won't.Thus saving annoying any one.
Instead I will nibble at the edges, and base it on personal experience. Above you will see 2 seperate species I saw in Blythe in 2009. PLease draw your own conclusions as to the id.. They are items #1 #2, ie the Gull and the swallow in that order. See how careful I am !
Item #3 Is acceptence of submittal #2007-112.Or specimen SDNHM #47934. Which languished in a tray since I shot it in my front yard on 28 sep 1991. Oh, fifth record for CA of Alder Flycatcher.
What started this penny-ante pissing match to start with ?
I hate bullies and gangs. It does not have to be physical. It does not have to be verbal.
Simply "Have you heard that 0000 (That will stand for CRBC member from now on) says the record is stupid, and why did you submit it, to someone in the field" " I have"
Any one else heard that ?
Another up coming birder carefully deflated and removed from the arena.
Do not kid your selves these people have a swarm of sycophants following them around anxious for a mere morsel tossed there way. I was at a WFO conference in Tucson several years ago, and there where the usual dregs literally hanging at the service entrance. None participators/payees. Waiting for the rare bird info to chase the next day. Streak Backed Oriole was nesting I heard. As I sleep lightly I ran in to "the group" The next early am. Three of which I thought were some what friends, and asked what the stealth rush was about could I come? Blown off.They returned a while later to stun the audience with their viewing of Streak Backed Orioles nesting. I politely asked where they were? Oh we can't tell you.
NOW Follow this logic if you may
WHO said that these people said I could not know ? Obviously not the land owner, or they would not have known the location. So what harm would me going there to watch them cause any one?.....Think carefully.
If you guessed , we now have a bird on you all in AZ thus proving what good birders we are, You win
Does not matter they never found it, but they can now let those they choose through to see it. Thus generating more Sycophants. I have heard their discussions.
Scenario. Point Loma. Hi, anything around ? NO its been dead all day. Oh did you see the Kakapo last week in DA's yard ? NO. did not even know there was one. Gosh I am sorry OOOO called ME and told me about it.
OK Bonus ego points for OOOO pushing him up the stuff of legends birding totem, and points for the name dropper, and a kick in the teeth for the "Unchosen Beginner"
The other thing I hate is name dropping.
Did you know I actually birded with Eric Hosking,James Fisher, Bill Oddie,dim Wallace. and "Spiny Norman" at Cley etc etc etc Does it make me a better birder ? Hell NO.
I have birded with people here and at the Sea over the last years who have been to,every friggin Warbler/wader/ aou/ wfo symposium from Point Pelee to Alaska.They have stood at the back while the the crowd pointed their bins in randomn directions and saw everything the "Learned CRBC' leader told them they saw. Could not id a bird if it sat on their hand !
Which brings up a seperate problem I have with the entrenched experts. For instance lets say we are the doyen of Seabirding.And we have charged $400 to float around on the ocean with these experts who make their living doing it, and you are on your first trip. I guarantee some one on the boat will see something.Not saying that the published pics are fake. But there will be a Did every one see that? Moment and the boat will turn around and chase it !. Thus allowing those who paid to go back hoome and say You should take that trip, I missed a Bulwers, I was at the back of the boat. Ouch I digressed.
The alteration of the CRBC as we know it.
I will send this as an intro for a rather long discussion , basicly with myself, which others are allowed to read , ponder and ,YES join in on. I have known many of the protaganists for over 36 years and grew up in CA birding with them. The Jon Dunns, Kimballs Oldenettals etc, many are dead. My Valley Center mentor Alice to The last of the McIntoshes. I want it to be perfectly clear this is not meant as a personality smearing word battle. This is simply a personal observation from someone who has spent a third of a century birding california, sounds like a lot of time put that way !!. Like me , like me not, beleve my observations believe them not, but I think I have contributed enough to Ca Birding to at least be heard out.
And if you are a birder whose feelings have been shattered by Guy McAskie, and expect me to complain about it on your behalf, forget it. Guy has been a family friend for years introduced me to Ca birding the week I landed in this country. Is an absolute Gentleman to my kids and family, always welcome at my table and has the patience of a Saint. I am lucky, I grew up with bad tempered scots men, and Guy is a pussy cat !
So ponder those self induced parameters. Read this and my commentary will unfold.
Christ will someone stop playing that infuriating music from Masterpiece theater in the background. All in fun

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