Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I storm the bastions of the CRBC

Now why would I start slowly dissecting the CRBC and what set me off. As I start treading on toes, naming no names. Remember 00000 refers to CRBCR members past and present
I can guarantee there will be theories, so lets kill them now. Its quite simply childish, I am better than you are kiddy EGO. No more and no less.I admit it The prom queen who got stood up, self centered personal, left at the alter childishy-ness.
It is not of any social and scientific virtuos derivation, . So quit now if you think this is trying to press the limits of scientific research, its not
I finally got nudged over the top, by a stupid response, and the latest edition of American Birds.
Now you have a day free to go birding, nothing else.
"My god I have Jack shit to do all day but rush out and help build a wider knowledge of bird distribution by taking meticulous notes on Savannah Sparrow distribution, and mailing them to the AUK. My piece of aid to the the avian jigsaw."
HELL no you do not !
BUT if you can look in the mirror and say that with out shrieking with laughter. Then please stay away from me and no I do not want to see your collection of Crimean battle scenes built entirely from Dust Bunnies, ear wax,used Q Tips and hair spray.
You go out to find something different and exciting, and that will pick your day up, and provide a little ego building I found it I identified it I be BAD !
If its a rary there is that little bounce in the step, if its a photographed rarie,a bigger bounce, and is ASSIGNED A CRBC NUMBER. My goodness the day is over the top.
The thrill has just hit town !! All those hours worked looking , I found me a GOODY, wait until this doozy hits the press. "Submit to American birds". Gloat peurilely , whilst awaiting ones issue. Not so much for the personal joy (immense) but for the mega huge joy of knowing your peers will realise you are not dead yet and stiil finding birds. So it arrives, race to the California section. NOthing, not a "possible." nothing, nada.So I go to my usual read, a bit like scanning the obituaries in reverse. I look for names of folks I have met , over the last almost 40years of US birding. Narca watching escaped Raptors in AZ, hasn't Oldenettal photographed every sodding bird in New Mexico yet, Cardiff and Dittman, finding everything in the south, does Lehman actually have a home. is there any one left for J Dunn to drive crazy with Gull id, where did X go. Most entertaining.
The bird I was hoping for a mention of was a Common Black Headed Gull. Now I know where you live in California you see them all the time. In Blythe they tend to cause a bit of a stir. You know with it kind of being in the desert and kind of. At least I thought, one of the rarer inland gulls. A query as to its omission? Response "Under review by CRBC"
F33K that rubbish. Why can the record not be published in context with the season ?
Every state has provisos, in that issue. Go check "Pending acceptance by" "The record will be reviewed" "If accepted this would be" "A remarkable sighting if confirmed was a ..."" Although a one person sighting , the pictures suggest"

NOT in S Cal apparently.
So I dragged out my copies of AB and Rare Birds of CA.And compared "Record Published dates in AB" ie "A Great tree Warbler was seen by ooooo and ooooo in Death Valley July 23,1978 thus providing Californis with its fourth record, and one of the west coasts few July inland sightings".
Sound familiar ?
Go to "Rare birds of California" ( A stunning book on sale.Get one)
Look at the CRBC acceptance #
HMM, He pondered aloud
# 1979-12.. I guess after all you can publish records in AB before they are cleared by the CRBC.
But then that, as my next missive will shew you, is to be expected.
SO for what it means, to those who read this rubbish. Black headed Gull. Pictures in my previous CRBC rant I DID SEE ONE, honest.
Do not expect to see it appear anywhere you would look. Just wait for the Update of the Rare birds of California,in 7 years , it will mesh in with the current download, which contains my 5th record CA Alder Flycatcher.
The bird had only been laying dead in SDNHM since 28 Sep 1991, an article published in Western Birds by my chum P Unitt, and ........a lot more.
Anyway 17 years later it was accepted. But I will go into that, next snivel.
As I said this is carefully thought out, applies only to me, and if the shoe fits , wear it.
Regards rh

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