Sunday, January 31, 2010

a pic,Pye alost friend

Not many birds. a pic.
Ten years ago, one friday night I stopped at the pound. Why ? I have no God damned idea. They were closing down. There was a black kitten gazing out the window. Mine.foot in the door. Literally, he was one day over the Death tank gone by Monday.I named him Pyewackit after the familiar in Bell Book and Candle, a finer cat I could not have designed. He adopted Samuel H Adams, also from the pound on a whim.
Found Pye run over outside my yard this morning
Picture is of 2 best friends, Cat/Dog Black/white Old /young.. He usually comes in about now, and a dog and cat pile up ensues,ending with the cat asleep on my monitor. Funny how you do not miss "Familiar objects" until they are missing. Tomorrow is a "nother day"

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