Friday, January 1, 2010

And away we go. 2010 . A mega -rary !

Ended 2009 with some prizes. Being where I am, you either believe my camera or me, or in the case of a couple, the folks stood with me ! Blythe is not known for its hordes of people who look for other peoples birds. I guess one of the deficits of birding on the fringes, but one of the benefits. I do not have to kiss anyones butt !
And please remember, if you believe me or not it is not going to screw up anything of any importance. My father firmly he believed he saw a ghost of a Monk in Lincoln Cathedral. I believe him.2009 Fly over Caracara driving hwy 95. Mag Frig Bird, fly by for 3 of us standing on Joes Dock. Photo Cave Swallow, Western Gull ,Cardinal x2 RBGbeak, Swans, Bobolink, Flycatcher sp "OLivaceous" type.Purple Finch at last.
And the bird , FOR ME, here in the middle of the damn desert.
Black Headed Gull.
There were other bits and pieces but what the hell, the above stand out.Well here comes 2010.
My 12 days of xmas died with 109 sp. My new year started off with 70. I attach some pics from my day. I quit at noon.

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