Sunday, January 24, 2010

Audobon 100 best bird pics! Clear up no birds

Well that was like a waste of time. It stirred my creative spirit as much as a Penthouse calender. I am sure that given the equipment, time, money, and staked out subjects, and skillfull pic adjustment a la picsells. anyone could do the same. Totally cold, no involvement. Oh nice, oh thats nice. Toss it away
Why don't they do something Audobons 100 best photographs by people who work for a living, and have never published a photo for money before. SWEAR you would get better pics, Just go to and look through the ameteur pics. Way, way better.Some true stunners. "Tree sparow on corn head" Mrs Hangus MeCoatup, Chipping Sodbury" Just a face in the crowd.
No "This magnificent picture was taken by Professional bird photographer Otto von Frufru and his assistant Lady pain-de-beurre, during their safari in Africa. Otto laughed "it was on the last day of our 4 month visit to study the birds
That I got e-mail from my photo lab technician in Rome saying we got a winner. My rig,? Oh nothing special. I had Kodak and Zeiss and Sony and Swarovski. Throw together a little number for me. See this red button. Cool huh. Green one ? NO idea.Any way got to rush off , got to squeak in E Australia before the Polo season.

Oh my picture?
Hand held $300 camera. Shutter priority, 1/1000 sec, auto focus.150 mm. A lot of blue sky but you can get halfway lucky sometimes. Do you know how fast these bastards go !
No birds of note , totally dead. 3M and 5 fem Goosanders good value at the drop. Oh, 95 to the drop is shut off. Ever heard of Jim Hernandez on River Lane? No. Neither had the CHP officer apparently to avoid a display ignorance he waived me through "with his groceries" Funny I have never heard of him either.
regards rh.

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