Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What me worry ! And birds

First of all an explanation, that does not need one !If you haven't figured out yet that the way you get pictures is not always the same as the text they are with ? Give up birding. A brief discursing on the ecomony , a few birds and ..................
I hear a number of "educated people" running around on TV saying what will happen, we will all starve,I may have to lay off the nanny,(personally, or financially) we sold the aspen home and we have cut back to two cars, my portfolio has dropped 75.5%,I can't ameliorate my last quarter profits, and my offshore assets are frozen.I suggest you move your ass out of swiss banks, and stop eating swiss cheese while you are there then "there will be a free flow of your deposits" into other countries.
Just too funny. I caught a person on a late NY radio show explaining how to survive the crisis.
This almost made me die in Hysterics.
#1 Do not use your credit card today
#2 Eat in once a week
#3 Use the drycleaners every other week.
#4 Only go to a night club once a week, and the Killer.#5 Put off major purhases like a boat, you know what I mean and pleeeeese #6 Postpone that foreign vacation.
Ok I am in
#1 Paid off card, we circle the carcass like jackels
#2 WE eat once a month out !
#3 Why would I drive to Indio ?
#4 I think they shut the Horny Toad.
#5 Walk out side and shout "any one got a boat they don't want".
#6 Unless something rare turns up in Cibola. Got that covered

So enter the Roger world of personal economic crisis, and philosophy, maybe this will help you in some way.
I only realy owe the IRS and my land lord. Apart from a couple of statistical points way out side the norm. We ignore those as good statisticians. We have stayed pretty much broke, but comfy, and can pack up and move if necessary. Wealthy Gypsies ! The IRS, I needed that money in 1983 a Hell of a lot more than they did ! And my rent has been stable for 10 years, and my Landlord does not need the money "just pay it ,no problem" .
I have had several jobs, always cashed in my retirement as needed. Yanked my 401K plan, paid off my vehicles four years ago. Fool they cried. $800 a month payout reduction. 2 friends kept theirs. Zippo left.
Is simple.
There are a Hell of a lot of people further up the food chain than you, that means some one is eventually going to say "Enough", before it really gets too ugly at my end and hopefully yours of the spectrum. Because who is going to explain that pookie can't live in the Hamptons and have the Jonas brothers over for Brunchies ? In the meantime print more money and keep bailing !
Life goes on in Blythe, we have bigger things to worry about, like parking for the fair. Regards Roger and russels . ps 35 Swainsons, in a new mown field on the way home.


  1. My solution was to move to Midway Island. I have been to the store and to the bar. No atms on the island. Its easy to not spend $$$ here....excepting that half the people here are compulsive gamblers.

  2. I guess the swainson's are coming through! 8 in redlands before sunset yesterday...

  3. Great pictures as always Roger. Would you mind adding the species represented in the pictures to your blog posts? We're not all experts and that would be another learning opportunity. I don't care where the text shows up, but a bit saying, "here are pics of species A, species B, ..." would be great. Thanks!