Saturday, March 21, 2009

We had some spring until the wind sprung! And a last minute oddity

Quite a nice day, until the wind leapt up, and everything leaped down. The more I keep track of the fiscal melt down, the more I realise I am wasting my time bothering ! Am I the only one who thinks the US government is just a mega Ponzi scheme, and that this "Sudden" exposure of "unsuitable candidates" for Government positions. ie head of tax collectors, who does not pay theirs, is simply because some idiot stole more of our taxes than their predecessors !I don't know about you but someone somewhere got a tad greedy and what has been going on since Government began, and we accepted as the norm,suddenly seemed odd ! A first rate morning.The fish Farm is going to be awesome. Several hooded orioles , none would hop out and sit !A dozen Lucys Warbler, boy are they hard to photo. Very little foliage, ventriloqual call and restless. A passable pic of this desert goody accompanies. 3 calling Crissal Thrashers. Clean sweep of doves and pigeons (obvious ones) Raptors gone, as cranes. A Bronzed cowbird in Quechan park, displaying Vermillions, a Red naped Sapsucker. As I quit and headed North on I-95, a lump behind me to my right headed across the road in front of me and kept going NW. Pulled over and got the bins on it. 350 miles East I would have called it a Crested Caracara. It is now on my "One person sighting "list for Blythe. Maybe I can find it tomorrow, when a birding fellow drops by, on his way through. A snap would be nice !
Regards rh and Russels

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