Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some pics, some birds, something of nothing

Fair time. Love it. Town and country littered with 4Hers and FFA ers, racing around "Walking" their animals. These poor animals are walking through acres of yummy alfalfa. try keeping a goat on the straight and narrow ! Too funny. Spent a chunk of the day sorting through pics to enter, in my quest for best of show. Have to go into "Post Card "mode. A blurry pic of a Harlans Hawk, or Wanga wagga Cisticola, is not going to beat out a feather perfect Mallard, no matter what I think.I will attach a couple of fun pics. Beautiful day, little in the way of birds, just a nice quiet day, with a few Swainsons dotting fields, maybe 10 in all. Tomorrow is a birding day, I can sqeak one in it seems. trust life allows you one.
I just looked out the window, earth worms are popping out of the ground shouting "pick me" to the Grackles, and the sky is suddenly darkling. SWMBO must be approaching, better go lash myself with nettles and put on my hair shirt, six hours of peace and quiet, too much, I must suffer ! I was almost looking people in the eye, for a bit there !
Russels and Roger

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