Saturday, March 28, 2009

There went Saturday and a camera

Well the weather man is an idiot. Incredible high hopes for yesterday. Warm and calm with little or no wind was his mantra Tuesday. Blew like Hell in the afternoon and (for me)cold !Western Grebe at the drop, both Aechs down for the year,can forget them. 20 plus GEye, all fem.A ring Billed Gull. Some cliff swallows. Canyon Wren(1) still singing above the intaglios, not ideal habitat,but !
Now she knows the call, SWMBOs Posse hears them "All the time" up in the Little Santa Marias. A pair of Lesser G Finch fussing in ideal nesting habitat is now on the radar. Several small groups of Ibii. A few RT Hwk left but vanishing rapidly. Swarms of Vanessid Butterflies on the move Half a dozen Ash Throated scattered in desert brush obviously some migration. Cliff Swallows on bridges.Lots of WC S,Chipp, and Brewers Sp. Fish farm ideal, sewage plant perfect, nothing special.Then the wind became silly.
I noted though that numbers of Inca Doves, a usually VERY thin on the ground localised bird may be slightly higher than last year. Ground Doves ? I just do not see them any more. If you needed the bird for your life list, I would buy a 25 lb bag of seed, sit on my porch and plan 2 days. I could only guess as to where else to go.Well got up early, so I have cleaned the Aegian stables and the day is mine !
AND FULL OF BIRDS. Sadly I hear a faint clanking and ringing outside my window. Could be my atonal wind chimes, or something has caused SWMBOs Nazguls to get restless, in their Mews.regards roger and russels restless

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