Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baited breath and some birds !

Yes ! Baited ! Hummingbird feeder hanging out one side, and spitting mealworms out t'other! Come on Migrants....... ? Wandered around this past weekend, bits here bits there. Sufficient to activate the spring, SO..
And here coming out of the gate is "BHGbeak" followed closely on the heels by "At last a god damn Tanager", followed by "Hermit Warblers do exist", on the outside is "possible Terns" , tucked in are "Empids" followed by "Tons of spring waders" and the rest of the pack. As we come into the final tern its..... OH no a sudden break out from the back moving up, moving up yes its "first record for California" closely followed by "Not a chance unless you can mail it to us".Moving up are "tons of observers" "lots of photos" "Feather DNA" Oh no "Tons of observers" has been passed by "Status of nay sayers" "Lots of photos" passed by "inconclusive evidence" And passing "feather DNA" is "specimens lost" Still making a desperate run for the line is "First record" behind it comes "the correct birders approval" the "Rare bird committee" and "ancient History" Closing is "personal Vendettas" strong on the outside. BUt from nowhere hugging the rail comes "who gives a shit" and "why worry its just a hobby". My God what a disaster, "First Record" swerves right and takes out the rest of the field. The winners are "who gives a shit" and its stable mate "why worry its just a hobby" NO wait a minute, trotting in from behind comes "New birders learning to love the hobby" and "Enjoy the past time" and "Open mind "
What an upset, could this be a new wave of the future, back to the studio. Birded Sunday with another member of Sea and Sage Audubon, Steve. If I was to move and join a society it would be that. If you are a new birder ,join if you are close enough. Outstanding, friendly pleasent folks, I have not yet met one who's company I have not enjoyed, and would love to enjoy again.
A couple of recent pics, love a larid , hope you get covered in migrants Roger

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