Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not much, but a most splendid day. Quiet

OK. me and the blog site just had a discussion. ME think ME won !
Somewhere in the photo mix should be a couple hatchlings from last year, a couple of singers from this year. and SWMBO with a 3 year old Race horse thats not mine but I am paying for it, but it won't cost me any money. Sometimes it is way best to ponder statements like that before asking the bloody obvious. So I did not ask. Something about Sea Biscuit, Northern Dancer and Secretariat and a bankrupt investor on the coast and how I could not pass this up, as I am only.......... Never mind.
I always start humming "Half a league, half a league onward" at this point
You can see from the pic that the horse is very obedient . SWMBO at 105lbs vs Texas gulch shylock los dubres out of money pit by waste of money" 1100lbs. Stay with the safe money. The small one pins it in 5.
I hope you had a pleasant weekend. I, did Roger

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