Friday, March 27, 2009

A mini triumph, some pics and a Blythe Lifer

Sometimes, an obscure skill can surface and provide a tad of joy to an old man. Back in the mid sixties, when every rose tinted glass-wearing Mormon wanted to trace their heritage back to Will Smith, or some other Smith. My father a serious Archivist, and unfortunately for me, brilliant man would receive letters saying "Hello Mr Higson we just converted our basement into a geneology den and would like to trace our heritage back as far as we can to John Smith (in England that is like Jose Gonzalez in LA) and even his predecessors. Maybe we will find ties to the Royal family ! We will PAY..." My father had neither the time nor the inclination to deal with this, so "How I earned my pocket money from 15 years old and up". Under his scrutiny, and man could he scrute, I learned Bastard latin ,monk french, old english and caligraphy. And a fascination with the English language etymology.If I had known how lucrative that skill became I would have quit science , and chased the filthy Lucre !
So little miss perfect and her "my daughter is perfect, and is going to be miss california and is already..Miss tap repairer , congenitaliality at the Radish festival etc etc and best of breed at crufts" Mother cross my path. By the pricking of my thumbs..... Start pondering her work from mine and other classes, nice try the handwriting on those days she is "stressed and has to slleep in a darkened room" is good but not quite like her class work. Threw out a bone, if "xsdsxd" can copy 400 words from the glossary - A plus guaranteed . All mothers handwriting. Meeting.Daughter, "when I am tired and stressed, I read my answer to my mother and she writes them for me" Hilarious. So she reads the Glossary to her mother ?!
A pyrrich victory in this town only, I AM SURE.
You call the wader !
I was told about a road you could drive up by the quarry, and Intaglios, where there are nesting GH Owl in the cliff side, behind Black Point. Got suitably lost this afternoon. No problem, 2 singing Canyon Wrens, as evening fell regards rh and terriers

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  1. Hi Roger - I wasn't sure until I read your most recent post, but now I know that you are "that" Roger! I wrote about your Dad myself a couple of weeks ago

    Small world! I'm now in Oklahoma. :-)