Sunday, March 8, 2009

Castles, quiet, and birds

Spent yesterday sorting through 4 Google pics to pick out 2,yes 2 pictures for the "wildlife section" at the fair. Stress time. Picked two, probably the wrong ones. But then I have to go with the SWMBO method of selection, it usually does not let me down. Ignorant moronic sugar bear sweety pie. (Yes she just looked over my shoulder)Gtr Y Legs, SB Dowitcher, and Wilsons Phal flying away all together all in focus shewing all field characteristics. Awesome pic. "Boring grey birds".
So we go with the "Oh thats cute can I get a copy of that for Jeanny, she loves duckies " style of judging. I have got a first for the last 9 years. But how humiliating.Birded out
Decided to escape the trappings of the Metrolopiss of Blythe, and finish my book. Not writing, reading !So headed for Styx, with the notion of parking somewhere and reading and mayhap a nap, while gazing south across the plains of the Colorado plateau. Perfect spot, 44 degreesF,looked like an alpine scree, with Yellow and Blue belly flowers amongst shale, a couple of several hundred feet up in the Santa Vista or Bigthorn mountains ?. Drag out my rumpled copy of the hilarious Tom Robbins Novel VILLA INCOGNITO, 57 pages to go.
Rock wren on my bonnet,leaping around in Hysterics. Soon joined by its 5 children and wife, the bastard stood on my wing mirror and cursed me. Backed out slowly, and took a picture once they got out of range, if you can follow me !
My camera was not set up for 3 foot focus. Drifted down hill, pulled in next to some mine tailings Singing Horned Lark and fem up the spoil heap with stuff in beak, nest building ? Beautiful view of the valley, the sun and clouds playing shadow games all the way down to Cibola
Left them. Went further down, and pulled into the shadow of Minas Tirith, locals call it Castle Rock, but what do they know ! (pic to come)
Splendid singing BL Throat sparrow, so much for that spot, dropped lower.Pulled into a lower wash Crissal thrasher and remnants of attention span destroyed by two singing Sage Sparrows ! Obviously too pale to be the Coastal race !
Oh well only 56 pages to go.
Guess I will read next weekend
regards rh and Russels and (tanukis)

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