Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring is sprunging ? Singing and stuff

Maybe spring is sneaking in slowly? Having realised that a new sp in my patch is going to be a silly thing that crashes into a window (Cahow) or something totally in the wrong place at the wrong Worcester's Button Quail ! Photos only come along the way, so I figured I would work on a breeding bird list for my area. Which is simply a 25 mile radius hemi-circle, centered on my home and only in CA. I headed up into the Styx area to see if I could confirm a number of things, and hope for canyon Towhee !. My Horned Larks where in the same area, as were the Rock wrens. The rest of the area was quiet, but some pretty flowers.
It is always good to watch the KFC Peregrine, beating up the "West side Pigeons" Nothing at the sewage plant, nor the fish farm, Kelleys,. Giving up rapidly.Found a small burned out marsh/ditch, with a pair of battling YHBBird. Pics somewhere !
A western Kingbird at the end of the road, and 10 plus BT Hummers on the feeders.Raptors evaporating. Next few weeks ? , fingers crossed
Roger and Russels ps I always like to stick the Ibis pic into the mix about this time of the year. The folks on the East Coast call this a Glossy, and then instantly retract when I tell them it was in Mayflower Park Blythe California. I will ask the same question as I do every year. Why do people east of the Mississippi,and in the interchange zone, have no problem splitting them in fall, looking through only bins. If you chase the field guide key, I see no reason why it is not a Glossy. Oh well !

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