Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring sneaking in ?

Just a couple of pics so I can do stuff while they get to my blog via seemingly every router in the Galaxy. Sometimes 15 minutes , then a short bird list !
OK.Stuff is slinking in. Spring migration along the river is typicaly behind the coastal timing. What seems early for me is a couple of weeks behind you
West coasters.
Native plants barely breaking into green, but several Lucys Warblers moving through since Monday, Swainsons Hawks a few here and there but a nice flock mid week. A poorwill caliing behind the house was unexpected. Male Hooded Oriole, fighting BC Hummers on my feeders was nice. These feeders are in under and around my Forest of flowering "THORNLESS (my butt)" acacias. By forest I mean more than 2, ie 3. One of course being "Tree" ( I am using the David Attenborough, exponential curve of sizes)2 being a precursor Forest, 3 being a forest and so on, until you you end up with "a vast, inconceiable forested expanse of waving green stretching from horizon to horizon with its waving thickets of inconceivable bio-mass contining a totally astonishing diversity of unimagineable creatures of billions and billions of .( oops a bit of Carl S slipped in.) But over here beyond this river across this dismal swamp throught his poinsnous bog and up the side of this hellishly cold scree you could turn over this 40 ton boulder and find (breathlessly) this minute frog, of which there are only 10 left in the world .I just love it.Any way, my frog was a splendid Nashville Warbler. Maybe this is my lucky year ! roger

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