Friday, March 13, 2009

Joe Cocker, birds and life from my perspective

I am going to try a new strategy. Type first, put in a picture. See where it ends up !
Anyway an excruciating week of fellow teachers peering around wondering who gets the chop !
I am glad Obama and the Governator are all for improving education'. Too funny. We love you and please keep striving for the future, but we are going to double your class size, halve your funding. Please increase the score tests so we can give you a living wage. YOU CAN NOT TEACH STUPID. Why should my income be tied to idiots who cannot even copy from a book without spelling mistakes, but can text at the speed of light and have head phones so small, that when they start thrashing around in their seats shrieking "I am goin to choke you YO MF Bitch, death to the system. I gonna do it". New teachers do not realise they are listening to the latest hit record on their micro pod and not addressing you personally!
Well I personally really do not care any more, used to worry about education a lot. Why should I anymore ? When we are sending millions to rebuild Palestine, who lobbed rockets into Israel. Millions on a war? In Iraq. And how many empires, commonwealths and countries will it take to end up NOT looking like fools in Afghanistan ? ie trying to train the natives before we realise that even their dogs are stubborn and can't be trained. I have had 7 Afghan hounds !
I went to get $1000 to keep the school weather station alive,and on Weatherbug. Laughed off, no money.I cease. !
As for fun, and probably ,my observation is meaningless to anyone under 40 !
As the Ibii move through, and the afternoon sun hits them, they assume odd poses to soak in the last rays as seen in the pic !I guess they probably do not do this in coastal regions. But when I first saw them in Imperial County I thought they were ill or dying ! Now I have come to be bemused, at the postures the can assume . When I see one like this ?
I suddenly get an image of Roger Daltry screaming at the end of "We don't get fooled again" at the Isle of White festival, watch the video, or any Joe Cocker live rendition of "I get by with a little help from my friends "!
OK I promise to never anthropomorphize an animal again !!
Hope the weekend is good to you . Roger and Russels, glad I can relax this weekend !

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