Monday, December 21, 2009

What the hell !

Trying to photo a "I think its a Lilliana's Meadowlark."
Looks like it going to sing mic on Push trigger.
All I got was a "Whump" and this pic.
Doubt If you can redo this moment !. Sitting here regretting I did not gather feathers
Did not seem important at the time. You have the picture. For $5 plus shipping and handling , taxes, local reverse sales expenditures and undisclosed costs I can send you the definitive audio and sonogram that confirms Liliana's in California. Or for $2 I will send you the instructions on how to make your own. Purchase large cabbage, stand on 12 foot ladder,turn on audio Drop Cabbage. When cabbage hits ground say
"No fudfging way, turn away and walk into the distance saying you have to be fudging joking, fudge me for xmass fudgining sake"
See what a savvy sales person I am !
The five dollers gets you the disguised words ! So you can relive the moment. Clue , why would I add an extra s to Xmas ?

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