Saturday, December 26, 2009

The piece meal Xmas count in Blythe

Ok ,who was the clown with the weather remote controls. Step forwards and be removed from the gene pool. Set off to do a peice by patch Xmas count. Due to the annual xmas rotation of cars breaking down. An engine bearing,three flat tires, a radiator(In progress), new brakes and rotors.. As a result my wife and I nixed Xmas. Best one I ever had. NO sweat about money for gifts. Don't have any !The day was absolutely beautiful, calm warm and clear skies. She went playing Horsey, I sat in several scattered sites,half reading and half hoping for a bird and half Snoozing. Perfect day after the horrendous winds and dusts of the previous 3 days. I don't know if I have been out in winds that horrendous. Maybe the end of Flamborough in a NEaster, looking for Dovekies. Saw the same # !
Well HIghlights first
The weather and the factor that they turned off the river added some treats and made passerine birding pointless
GW Goose 23 sand spit 19th with
Snow Goose,Ross Goose,2 Cacklers, 70 plus Canadas and 2 Tundra swans all scopable from the same spot. This was going to be cool
That is about it !
Barrows G Eye 2 24th
Swainsons Hawk 20th
G Eagle25 (nice Xmas treat)
My high wind "How many can there be, please land ,turn around Plover flock" of the 19th ,turned out to be not the right plovers. Still a flock of at least 1000 Killdeer is the biggest I ever recall seeing
WWDove 2 20th
YB Sapsucker 24th. and a calling Ash Throat at the cemetry 21st
HUge #s of YH BBirds wintering. After that you get yer residents.GC Sparrow and GEagle (Blob) added to Blythe photo list. Be taking of the care.

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