Tuesday, December 29, 2009

PM better for birding. Bewicks Swans

Seems like for the last few days, grey-grey skies wind and stretching the limits on photos, nothing has happened. Even the cats and terriers lost interest in catch. Thats where you throw one from each team and someone on the other team has to bring it back. Admittedly it is more fun indoors, but clean up is worse.
But the sun has struggled through in the afternoon for short periods, enough to cotinue my search for 100 sp in however many damn days it takes to get there on my patch. Sneaked in snipe and a couple or three others still lagging.Gave up, there is a flock of 10 2ads 8 imms at the Drop, a pod of five opposite me house, 2ads 3 imms , my 2 imms below Mayflower, and a flock of 4ad and 1 imm flying over the Golgf course, Putting 22 Bewicks Swans, of the american race in my circle today. I can handle those road apples !
So I quite literally swanned around for 3 hours. None neck banded , none like my 1/2 wild banded Trumpeter from several years back, too far for leg bands, especially with the ones swimming.
For those of you who are purist. I count the neck banded Trumpeter swan, it was the product of a flightless wing shot female on a rehab lake and a wild male. Works for me. Especially as there those who lifer Rails on calls only.

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