Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Almost a waste of sick time.

A caveat
(This will piss off some folks with out jobs, to whom I seriously apologise)

As any one who is a birder knows who has a job, that has sick leave linked to said job is aware that sick leave has three purposes. Spring migration, Fall Migration and "If I go in to work tomorrow I may not be birding for the next 30 years, and that will be with plea bargaining" and a Rarity in your patch.Hm Let me try that again "Amongst the four reasons.........." No one expects the birding inquisition !
Work is for being sick at, you get more sympathy points than sitting at home, you can drag your sorry ass around while people say things like "You realy should go home" and "I don't know how you can hang in" Call in sick "oh the Bastard is golfing". Me I am covered !
Took a tuesday off sick,in Imperial, walked in the staff room/ closet, two questions as I passed through. "Was it still there ? Did you get a photograph ?" Some things never change. Started off the day, admitted defeat, came home and crashed.
Wife standing in kitchen "Whats the matter" "I give up I am sick" "But you were fine yesterday"

I paused, while I mulled this comment over, I walked over to my "illustrated chicken disease" calender. (You can get them, honest, in anglo and mexican).
Yanked it off the back of the door, turned around and said "You are right, it does not say Roger can be sick day, better go back to friggin work "
Went to bed via the medecine cabinet. Woke up went to get the paper, the sun was dropping -ish.Had camera, as always. All my pics are within 1/2 mile of the house as I came home. WW Dove on my phone line (12 on street) , Incas across street.G Fichs, at Corner of street, curlews , most excellent bird for my area at this time (One of seven). Best of all Jo calls from across the street, think I have a pelican. Sun going down, 750mm hand held, thanks Panasonic, Zeiss and Photo shop !
Awesome LCRV bird . My fourth in 10 years.All imms. STUNNING ADULT. It was so far away . I could read the "Madera Canyon" left signs.
Wife has made drs appointment. Will discuss that waste of money tomorrow !

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