Saturday, December 19, 2009

12 days of xmas birding

BY the time my vacation is up, I will have made 12 reports from Blythe.
I am trying to decide whether to go with the side by side "Happy Happy joy joy "How many tweety birds can you you see around my house, (within 20 miles only in CA) and the "Why do we put up with this absolutely stupid shit? diatribe"
Too much typing . Delete as needed.
Started my list at noon. Highlights for me !
2 Juv Whistling Swans and a Barnacle x Canada goose. Fly bys, panic, scopers as landed on AZ side. Pics attached.

One other picture attached, a pair of Kestrels, shews my total change in focus with regards to birding. I am over 250 in Blythe, my self imposed area. and have 175 clearly id able species on film, actually I think its 185? What the hell. Who cares any way !
So I have been gradually sucked into the "grab the moment" picture foolishness. One could not have done that 30 years ago when I dabbled with the celluloid expense, setting exposures, ISOs and focusing etc precluded it. NOw I turn the car on a dime and shoot on "IDIOT" mode. I got 2 Kestrel shots off.
25 yeas ago this pic would have been on the cover of us birds. Now its just Rogers Kestrel shot. If you are thinking of Photographalizing birds, and need help from an idiot who quite literally taught himself. e-mail me ! It is actually not that difficult
I have done the screwing up. might as well help someone else through that mine field.
Just got annoyed at the tv, "Here are President Clinton and the First lady Hilary "DEBARKING" from Air Force one" Some history channel thing. YOU only DEBARK from ships, you "Dis-embark" from other forms of transport. The world falls apart !
Will have 12 days of xmas update in the early am ,tomorrow.
Hmmn .last 2 pics will not down load.
OH WELL reading local get rid of my stuff mag
"1952 CHEVY 5 window 1/2 ton pickup"

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  1. They must have been shaving THAT'S what they do up there.