Sunday, December 27, 2009

OK scientific proof of a meaningless dumb ass name change

I set out to do it, freezing cold, savage cross winds. Got comfy in a ditch, with a plastic bag full of chopped up xmas left overs, for snackalizers and my book, bins, and cameras. Recommend a Xmas left over sack bag. Go to a neighbours as the party winds down, sweep everything off the Horses Doofers plate and take home for next day birding. I threw the Marshmallow crispy things at passing rodents, and chp occifers !
My kite shewed up in appaling near rain conditions. Cranked up the ISO, I have no idea what that means, just got to volume two of my camera guide.
Voila . White Tailed Kite.
Picture of no scientific merit, shews nothing to place it in any raptor field guide.
BUT when you have frozen your ass off for 3 hours, and the god damn bird has almost made it twice and you are shooting with a 200mm lens equivalency.And you are birding the LCRV. You walk back to your truck happy.
The day got happier more pics later.

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