Friday, December 25, 2009

The three wise pictures

Perfect neighbour Joe bought me a radio controlled hovering infra red flying type type thing to go with my dragonflies spent a good part of the morning putting it together. He obviously bought a broken one. So SWMBO went through the trash and gave me the instruction manuel. Hmmn I wondered why that piece was in there.Incredible , now I repaired it . ONly problem is it says in the Instructions, use indoors in large areas like shopping malls. I will bird desert center on my way through, or "Do not use in buildings with vaulted ceilings over 20feet and chandeliers"
How many people fly RC saucers around the friggin church during catachism ?.
I just reread that sentence, then I reread it again. WE have 27 "PLaces of worship" in town. Today, of all days at least one of them has to be open by now. Catholics out too many chandeliers. Wrong day of the week for Mormons, and Jews. The Baptists are going to be too busy avoiding eye contact with the others they saw in the Liqour section at Albertsons yesterday.
GUess I will drop back to the Church of the Great outdoors
For the first time in four days it is flat calm cold and beautiful
Longer note later.
Pictures in no order
I was at the drop. Scanning the river for , frankly any sodding thing, when a Rock Wren added its self to my 12 days of Xmas list, by popping up on the memorial plynthe, built at great public expense, duly photod with important looking shovels and people stood around commemerating something, or someone who no one ever gave a dam about anyway !In the process to "improve access", they wiped out my sage sparrow habitat, and mistakenly burned the rest of it down. Oh well life is too short to go into all that !
Naturally I slipped into peurile mode and pished it into a frenzy, I have had them land on the wing mirrors. I raised camera snapped, dropped camera, little Bastard hit me right between the eyes. Psychologically, and emotionally I may never recover.Loss of blood etc. Returned to town after a short stop at the EMR and had to stop and back up
Local cop dropping off a car(behind white van). What prey young protector of the poor and innocent, is this fortified patch of dirt for. Oh this is for impounded vehicles. Hmm I muttered. Yes when we tow peoples vehicles away and they want to check them we send them here to the tow yard. When they make the fees they get them back.I still haven't heard from my neighbour the asistant sheaf of police. The last one, is a classic jet black, with a fire engine red tail RT Hawk that is lucky it got off the ground
Scpoeing red Taileds for different colour combos, this one had it eye on something, only had 200mm in hand, scoped down to rows of a teenaged alfalfa field, head bobbing and weaving female pheasent tail moving down the plant row. Hawk leaps.Swoops Drops All hell breaks loose. A roadrunner has this thing in a Head lock, and is beating the crap out of it with those vicious 4 toed feet.Feathers flying One thousand of a second earlier and I would have had my Pullitzer for Nature photography.
AS THE Roadrunner, just let the Hawk go, not the other way around. It hit the canal bank and bounced, shook and continued on with its project, whatever that may have been ?
A true "Why you don't bight of more than you can chew "moment !!!

Well it is that day of the year when many get together and celebrate that which is important to them and theirs. It is none of my interest, nor concern as to how and yours acheive that goal.BUT I truly hope you do it to the best of your skills
Thes blogs are not meant to offend merely to amuse and provide "ponder fodder"
There is some ego involved, as one hopes the typing is read.Ater all one hopes one ponders are worthwhile.
If not, then like the most intelligent man I almost got to know and missed the chance through ignorance and impatience my Father wrote to the Royal College of Heralds. "Please withdraw my submittal,and Membership. Over the years I have come to realise, that The Royal College of Heralds is nothing more than an impotent collection of senile fools who choose to sit around gazing Narcissus like at their own personal motions swirling around in private pools of print" Watched him sign and smile

More later rh

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