Thursday, December 31, 2009

So much for that year

Pondering this last year and how I felt it treated me.
Will do that tomorrow. That way I can give it a ponderous title like
"The Year 2009 and all it's concommitent actions, reactions, and consequences with respect to my personal sphere of involvement morality and turpitude "
Because right now.
"LIKE TIHS " Although not quite a palindrome conveys the feeeling
So I will end on a chearful note.
"Cheers" in A flat. The pic is of one of the toughest, after Cactus wren desert birds to photo without cheating with tapes. It was sneaking up on a Sprosser I did not realise was there. I captured its dive two frames later. It won.
May the New Year, life and all it encompasses treat you and yours with the same kindness and passion that you will treat others with.
Take care pals,

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