Saturday, October 31, 2009

All hallows e'en !


If you are totally bored come to Blythe for the evening, SWMBO's coven is putting on a display of co-ordinated cursing (Cursing is reserved for SD web site managers, swearing is for trapping fingers in drawers or Oakland Raider fans) and fly by bleeding cysts just before the big event. The big event ? Every year we build a large bonfire in an open field near Blythe. At Midnight the Hobthrushes ignite it, and the entire population of Blythe joins hands and dances widdershins around the conflagration in an atttempt to get in touch with the living. Beautiful, artistic but sadly hopeless. yearly our numbers dwindle. !!
Getting ready here at home for trick or treaters. 410 loaded with #12shot and salt. The gamekeepers in the UK thought that was fun to shoot at poachers.I will go with Gourmet sea salt tonight. Thinking a nice pink Hawaiain ?
May pop down to Ripley and borrow "Beau" the owners call him BO. Papers call him Beauchamp !I call him "Beecham" The vagaries of life !
This is a serious Staffordshire Pit Bull (of the euro variety). He met me at the gate, dragging a blue plastic swimming pool with water, and as I pondered my next move tore it to shreds, while looking at me. At this point an elderly Hispanic lady, my new friend "Nana" came out with a broom and leveled it. "BO behave this is Mr Higson". Synapses obviously clicked. Now I wait and see what he is going to chew to bits before I go in. Seems he has found the daughters disney figurine set. He brought me 2/3 of Snow white yesterday. Absolutely awesome dog, loves tummy tickies. But fabulous scarer off-er !
Spent the day doing my "Book circle". Drop 3 wigeon and a cormorant, sewage plant 9 sp 23 individuals, fish farm nothing, Cemetery "Sparrow flock" up to 12.8 being Juncos !
Any way will post a couple of picks. Sat for along time for the Shrike to work his way down a fence line, actually no problem, was watching the river go by and absorbing the beautiful wintery day. Cranes calling,hear no traffic just sunlight and quiet. Very nice, Why I live in Blythe.
Remember if you are meeting SWMBO for the "I have suffered all year for my hobby, now it is your turn" co-ordinated broom flight, that if you arrive with your bristles behind you ,you will be grounded. Real withches ride Bristles forward. Just a safety tip Roger.

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