Saturday, October 17, 2009

A note over several days

I thought I would ease into this weekend and use spare time to add "Micro Observations" to this note. Instead of trying to write it all at once, Nearest pic.I thought the bird doing this was a White phase Reddish Egret. It kept doing it, most annoying, Snowy Egret. Fortunately I was following it when it went into "HUNT and DIE" mode. It took a silly wild ass stab at something in the water. As the pic shows, may have chewed off more than it should have bitten. Flew up and landed, last egret snap. I feel a " Taa Daah.There it is " end to a true ostrich plumed Burlesque event. My father took me to one on my 18th Birthday, in Germany, my passage to man hood ! Most people who read this, would not even know what I mean !
Some flatulent screaming idiot, put writing in some media that said you can rationalise a persons out look on life by seeing what music they listen to during the previous week prior to taking this quiz. Probably some fool on the most annoying human TV show. The Ojay winferret show.
Now an intelligent person, taking this meaningless test would lie. .
After all, all the Osmonds records and anything with Barnie would be what I would usually write, in this on line poll.Got to stay within the norms.
Picked up the last 5 cds by my player. Judge me for what I am.
Allman Brothers Greatest Hits
RL Burnside "A ass pocket full of whiskey". (Probably the best blues album ever)
COB " Moyshey McStiff and the tarten lancers of the sacred heart"
Frank Zappa "Hot rats" and last
Lorretta Lynn "Van lear Rose" with Jack White, fabulous music.
Number six is "Music to start a cult by" penned by Joshua Tree/Morongo Valley locals "Gram Rabbit"
I guess you can now evaluate me !
A brief Hisevenus......................
Stolled that idea from Victor Borge. Possibly the only comedien to reduce me to consistent laughter, I know whats coming, kills me every time. It was based on his "deficit sketch". Every thing being worth less now than it was originally. Hence Snow white and the six dwarves, a "Five shooter", he sevened his breakfast with a be-eight smile.
Hence the Hisevenus........
There are gaping assh1112s in LA. I have proof . "NEWS at 5am on Hyperduper 400 megaDoppler side radar mega trak storm drama channel 7 in mega disaster emergency celebrity watch car chase on I 12345, fim at 11 am "
YES. Some lucky bastard in Blythe won the $456K mega back up prize,I will track my long lost cousin down later. He will be the one buying rims for his Chebby at the tire shop tomorrow, before axing the fambly to the all you can eat Sizzler salad and chittlins bar. !!.
How do I spot people who have their heads firmly up their ass ? The smug news caster said " Have you ever been to Blythe? You could probably buy the whole town for that, hah hah hah but there are some nice people out there I've heard ! Hah hah"
NOT only are we nice, but we are smart, and that I felt was an insult to my town.
Just for the record "WE the PEOPLE of BLYTHE are nice, and resent the fact that powdered poofters in LA disparage our town and intelligence by suggesting it is worth $425k. WE the people are not that stupid There is not a God Damned person in Blythe who would spend over$217,145.27, and that includes the Golf Course"
East coast arrogance at its best
Better do birds for the week, after I go see who fills his gas tank up to the top. Found my winner !

Sunday 11th 300+ Dowitchers at the sewage plant,( plus 1 solit sand,1 lsr Legs and a Pec Sand all late) made my morning. These birds were obviously both tired and hungry, but couldn't decide whether to feed or sleep. It was totally awesome to sit in the crisp predawn maybe 25 foot away and listen to them twitter to one another,tales of where they had bin, or where going I don't know, nice to eaves drop. Nothing much of extra, a smattering of expecteds.
Monday. Was on the computer thankyou Columbus for the day off. I had all my reply immediately or we will dipatch our lawyers to put you in jail and take away your free coupons mail seen to.Or was that Publishers Clearing house
Anyway I just cut them in half. Why the computer ? I had $216 funny money on my credit card, I had been squirreliing away,Couple of choice bird books, , need the VHS Version of The Peter Gabriel concert (DVD sucks) and a copy of "Plato and a Platypus walk into a bar" Hilarious quasi serious Philosophical digression. SWMBO walks in Jeep won't start.$205.64 later. Ugly day but at least I can start in the black.
During the week a build up of N Harriers. As we all know N Harriers exhibit anthropormorhic gynadometasophistery . I would give you the correct word, but I am not getting up and looking for my Harriers of the Galaxy book.I forget who wrote it , but it is a neat book.It has something to do with balance of the sexes in different breeding conditions, etc. Anyway some years you get a ton of males and sometimes you don't. Awesome science. Any way for what its worth. It seems to work on a seven year cycle here in blythe.
During that time frame we have gone through the full cycle of all males to no males and now all males,obviously with a smattering of each at both ends of the spectrum. Learned some fink.
Rest of the week nothing terrifying in the bird world.
Saturday. 2 Townsends Solitaires at the entrance to Hidden Bitches. I have seen 11 this fall, mega record number. Was hid behind the ice cooler waiting for them this am. First caring knowledgeable interested nice person of the day had to stop (See kinder nicer Roger). Park in front of me with SScoop Doggy Doo Doo blasting out of his speakers, descend the ramp from his jacked up Ram Dodge Terrain wrecker, and ask me if I was stuck. I thanked him for his concern and gave up. As I was admitting defeat a Varied Thrush landed , gave awesome momentary views , gorgeous bird. Dipped bobbed and headed for Mayflower one yard at a time. I must have knocked on more sodding doors this morning than a speed freak Jehovahs Witness, trying to get permission to thrash through peoples yards. It stayed one "Look at me I am beautiful, dip hop over the fence" away from the thing. I will catch up with it. New Ferrug on the block blind in one eye. Load some pics. Going to go and make rice pudding . Probably have not eaten that in 35 years. I recall at grammer school we where given a pool of it and where allowed a spoon of raspberry jam to stir in. We called it affectionately "Blood in the Snow". Hmm, maybe that was semolina.
Life is full of too much excitement,
Regards rh

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  1. Roger, you knave. What were ye doing in Deutscheland on your 18th?