Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week in review, with input from our studio guests

Love that title makes me feel like a sunday morning News regurgitator.
Might as well start off on the wrong foot. I got up early to try and resolve my IRS argument. I have four piles of paper work on the kitchen table. I received letters from the leaders of each pile, all this last week.
Here are my choices! This could be a reality show !
Pile one. Seize eveything. Hell if you can put a noose on a ghost good luck !
Pile Two. Dock my pay $3oo.
Pile Three Dock my Bank account $300 a month
Pile four. Voluntarily send them $300 a month, with the accompanying slip which must be in their hands by the 28th, if not it goes to Pile One mode.
This is four seperate areas of our tax system, who are focussed in on me !All with their own agenda
Each section offers various choices of subjugation to make Mr IRS happy !
Funny thing is they are already doing option/pile two. IRS person. Do not change from what you are doing now.
"But what about Death threats?"
"Oh we are at least 10 weeks behind"
reassuring , I will write until the IRS plucks my keyboard from my cold dead fingers !.
I wonder if the IRS has a lot of wasted time effort and redundancy ?. Career change. Going to become a "Person who chooses to be anonymous, but is close to the President who does not want to reveal the secret facts from the meeting, as he is a source close to a source who will only speak on grounds of anonimity."
Press Compromise Headline.
"President and heads of state pass around Bong and female lobbyists in secret "spin the bottle" meeting to discuss Iran, Mrs Obamma jumps out of cake in Bikini" A source close to the President, who chose not to be identified, revealed today under secrecy the behaviour at Summit meetings. More unconfirmable speculation at 11pm. Michael Jackson still dead.Film at 11am.

BIRDS from the week.
Pec Sands continue at sewage farm, down to 2. A lone Solitary sand. Rapid turn over over of waders, especially LB Dowitchers 5 to 46. Same idea with GTR Legs. Gtr Whitefront going nowhere
Monday, south of I-10 65 Swainsons Hwks over 2 fresh cut Alfalfa fields.
Thursday. 2 Lsr Nighthawks at school. Will attach some bird pics from the week.
You have your basic WC Sparrow from Hell. IT IS NOT FLUFFED UP !
Just huge. Race anyone ? And 2 green/yellow birds. Test your ID skills !

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