Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why Verizon made its biggest executive decision, and several notes over one day

Where to begin ?
I asked Verizon operatives a simple request. Dump my spare dial up. Don't need it.Start?
Tuesday. 19 and a half hours and 24 operators later I have my phone and computer back.
To say I am irate at these bastards (say what you mean roger) would be a misuse use of the word (JHFIUTXJTRSU^YT&(P*^T&%E%&*UXCJKHVLKU) sentence coded as all 53 words you can not say on the computer are in there.. The problem is that when you ask for a change of service they automatically assume you no longer need dial up but have changed to firesnotdvd,34. When I said NO not only do you worthless bastards not have it out here, but if you want a god damn laugh call me on your worthless god damn cel phones (at 9pm last night). Finally got through to the "Dial up Lady" in Tokyo. Yes , you have to talk to "The last remaining Dial up person in the Galaxy" So if you have dial up ONLY in your area and screw up. Call me, have the Canadian Number you MUST NOT HAVE.
The first factor I used as I talked to the drug crazed Indian hashashin dervishes was . "How many of you are there per square foot in your office? ". Keep asking for their supervisor until the number drops to single figures. 5 hours.
Spit at phone until dehydrated. Own a rubber phone. "Why can't you speak English Rajah, me no understand you" "Why do you not shut up so I tell you what wron , Yo do no know I tell you?" "I busy , call back, in 45 minutes, (can I have your number?) No private"
BUT the best is yet to come. The old shoe store in Blythe, perfect neighbour Jo just told me, on the Radio announced its opening as the new "Verizon customer service center, the easy one stop store for your Internet and Wireless services "
Do you realise how tight zip ties can be pulled around your wrists, and whyhim and my wife have hidden the car keyshave hidden my car keys?
Please delete the next lines about my feelings on the Tech service in Punjab concept.
"......................................................................................................... and the Brahma Bull you rode in on" Now birds"
Put a couple of pics in, shortage of birds.
AAH the 28th of October. Very quiet week really. Saturday The jeep would not start so I went into the garage and fixed while SWMBO started the washing/laundry. The machine blew up. Having fixed the jeep, came in to "Help" ie be critiscized, (spelt like mentally cirumsized) for the fact that the 20 year old Maytag machine I bought 10 years ago for $50 diedAfter unloading and draining, suggested go to gee gees and I would deal with. Headed out jeep, hit open on garage door button. Door opener fell apart on top of jeep. Take truck. Gone in the whisp of a dragon stare.Got stuff vaguely back on track. Went birding. Dead. Printer broke.Spent sunday falsifying a "Why I am the best teacher in the galaxy and you need to love me and everything I do I am so special look how wonderful I am" "document. Actually , falsifying is wrong. I am very good at what I do. Basic paper training and obedience training for 210 9th graders.I am not that special a person that I can sit around with my 15 students, building Butterflies for home coming .Boy theres a tuffy. And the lid is coming off when/if our new Principal returns. THE Special lady who has 9 students all day, which rotate through my classes, I have 3 in a class of 36, is incensed that I am not spending more one on one quality time with her "Charges".... Will quit whimpering and start downloading a few pics. All just what I could grab. Wind disgusting the last 3 days. Not much hope of much this weekend. Here come pics. Dowitcher 9 feet 35 mm. Whip that puppy someone !!!
More stuff soon

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  1. Hi Mr. Higson,

    I graduated Palo Verde High in '04 and am attending school at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. You have an excellent blog here, really enjoy your unique style of venting. Also, I never knew there were some many types of birds that made their way through Blythe. Keep up the good work, I greatly enjoy the weekly reads.