Sunday, October 4, 2009


ON A WHIM, A COUPLE OR THREE YEARS AGO, I STOPPED At the pound. which is 11 miles out of my way. For no reason, on a friday night. Wandered in, and purchased a kitten with 20 minutes to go, before being offed. Always have had a black cat with green eyes and a crook in the tail. Hence the heading. Pyewackit, in an effort to love me to death, walked across the key boards, a la Archibald and Mehitobel. All you da Vinci code freaks get going. This could be the directions to the 3D coloured version in HiDef of some Myth ! Oh well. Pause to dump photos. Anything over 8 bighties is 5 plus mins on dial up. Got fed up and went birding
BLYTHE BIRDS First weekend of October 3 and 4
Sparrows and raptors Tour.
Sparrows every where, a good show at my chumming spot, nothing rare but a chance to grill WC SParrows. One very large dark lored bird. Hopefully pic gets through. A dusting of warblers, and the 2 summer tans linger. Any goose is either a river sitter ort a flyover. So the juv W Front at the sewage ponds (Still today) was a treat. Raptor build up, should be a good fall, 10 sp over the weekend, standouts Ferrug, Merlin,Red Sh, and my favourite Kite.Both Summ Tans hang on. As usual we trail by a about 2 weeks in the fall and lead by the same in spring with migrants. Total of 33 Pec Sands for the day 26 at sewage farm rest in a flooded field.
Just made a life decision.
Birds and photos and happy tales of calves horses and baby chickens and baah lambs on sunday. My screwed up commentary on Wednesdays. It takes way too much time to download pics, and then get annoyed. @ hours for that above. But ok I started in with raw procucts and a chunk of baa lamb. I have the "TO die for" Curry quietly bubbling on the stove
Embarrased over the medias treatment of Letterman. At least he was honest and out of wedlock, and if he had to go fly somewhere to spank or screw an aide, my taxes did not pay for it. Has everyone forgotten about the no morals what so ever jerks who run our country ? I guess so.
How can Iran have a secret radioactive enrichment plant ? If they announce it on TV, chances are nobody in the "World Government" jumped up and said "How come I did not know about this secret, Gibson Does.
And lastly, "Secret visit by the VP of (this crumbling democracy) America to Kasback-jammitstan to meet Hamma-lambadingdong " Once a month the secret pops, to us plebs !
I can see it at the Istambul airport, man on phone.
"Look Fajita ,the petal of the dew drops of the Nile, drag his sorry ass out of bed and get him down here quickly, this idiot just showed in a big infidel Plane, he is in Duty free right now, and then sneak back on the plane so the honour Guard can be here. Jesus christ I did not know until now either, listen I don'care if the camel ate half his dress uniform, look fajita I don.t care if he had a long night on his Hookah. Get his ass down here now." Suprise Suprise. NBC has Its cameras set up to watch the "secret" land . Am I the only one who thinks the masses are being treated like clueless statstics now a days?
More on Wednesday
Serious wind storm coming through.

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