Saturday, October 10, 2009

World record ?

I (that would be me) on this day {(that would be today) which would be before tomorrow and after yesterday} the 10th of October, the year of our Lord 2009. Didst see, albeit on my own , without croneys and/or sycophants. Witnessed and photographed all three sp of native US goldfinch within 10 miles of my domicile and before 9 am. Evidence attached.
Fun day, the best in a while.
218 LB Dowitchers. and 145 Gtr Ylegs at the sewage plant. 1 solitary, 2 pecs, a snipe, and 2 SB Dowitcher, call etc. Peregrine fly over. 3 Ferruginous, and six more sp raptors. I was watching a Swainsons, hovering. Forgot to take its pic !12 Waxwings.
Went down a road for no reason,stoppped while trying to figure out why. Sage Thrasher hopped up. Works for me.Then a Rock wren hopped up. That is a super neat bird, if you ever get a chance to sit and look at one closely, do it.Then,spent too much time trying to photo a Saltonis/none Saltonis Song Sparrow. All within 100 yds of each other. 47 Sandhills flew over, and I almost stood on an unhappy side winder. It was only about ten inches long. Picked it up, to take its picture in the hand. Idiot !I suddenly realised I needed 3 hands. Put it down to get organised, it left. Should have put it in the glove compartment. Pics downloading. Tomorrow sounds/feels good !
Need to drive more odd roads

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