Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stuff, nonsense, and who invented MSG? I need to remove them from the gene pool


Happens every time. End of the week , take out. Chinese? or Mexican ? Depends on what time I want to wake up in the morning after imbibing their chemical cocktails
Chinese 2am , mexican more 3 am
They say they will noty use MSG if you ask them
Chinese. Polite nod as in the back they load the left overs from the lunch buffet into a card box, cover with brown gravy and nuke. Usually arrives before your order is complete, with a grapefruit sized ball of cold rice jammed in another box.
Mexican.Mucho head nodding, si, si no MSG, barely comprendes,it makes the food more authentic. Girl turns and screams order through to back, some kind of opening, and dark cave like space beyond it with a lot of sizzling going on. "Dos numero tres, dos numero ocho. to go.And were the f89k is julio I get off at five?"
Now I am no great scholar of the varied spanish tribal languages, I am kind of down on inca, and the bill she wrote was not in any Mayan petroglyphs I could sort out, but I was reading upside down. Did I miss any refernce to MSG ?. Maybe the Gov set it up? Lets see every third letter........
I have to go and ponder my schedule........
Will load pics. Unless you have dial-up, you will not appreciate the length of time it takes to dump a pic !............
Done dumping !!!
From the top down, I think.
Spent hours trying to get these dowitchers to line up and spell my initials H about done, R looking good, Something scared them. Awkward damn bunch any way.
Lark Sparrow. A less than annual, bump into bird
an X kingfisher.
White Front on take off warm up flap
and Photo confirmation of Pied Cowbird, in Ripley, believe it or not.
Got the new Brian Small id photo book. Christ, awesome pics, dabbling myself, I can appreciate the hours, and effort that went into those pictures. Amazing. Sadly. It will go in with the ever increasing number of photographic id books I do not use
Why. Believe me not for the quality, etc, but I just do not think photos can compete with drawings. They are too subject to lighting effects etc, printing defects, size comparison. Lee J and I pondered a recent Howell publication together, and went into shrug mode. Not over the info or presentation. But with the every day a new sub sp of a Herring Gull, appearing attitude. Just using the pics in one "New Species" can be split, literally frame by frame, into species.
Just my view will pull out periodically and drool over. But not a field guide.
My pics, I try and use my stuff to take a bird "picture". At 1550 sec you are not seeing the bird like that again. Just a brief moment in time.Also I don't have the money or equipment to take those kind of pictures. Heck some of the lenses used by pros cost more than my whole rig ! So my pics include stuff and rubbish, but they are about the bird. Don't care if you can not ID
Just ejoy the second !
Pyewacket is sat on the edge of the key board. Waiting to type something about stereo typing of Black cats with tails with a crook in the end, as evil.Especially at this time of ear. George is sat behind muttering "Why is that rescue cat named Pye when everyone knows only Siamese cats are named that"
Please check off any bird you do not have your life list if you can remember what movie Pye was in !
Gone birding Roger

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  1. See, now this was the issue with the Great Knot in San Diego. based on photos, people who did not see it in person declared it to be a Red Knot/Surbird hybrid, but the photos were always of the bird in weird poses that distort what it really looked like.
    Tom Miko