Thursday, November 5, 2009

Elections, have them in China before bleakfast

I would like people who vote, to be shot with a microchip that dissolves in a month, average pleb attention span.So I can seperate the 80 plus percent who did not vote from the sub 20 percent who did ? Especially important for election analysts on TV. So when I have to listen to the locals, bitch about everything political, and the national analysers who bitch about trends and variations, and a vote in Vermont reflects the nations state, I can push a button and the person is vaporized if they did not personally vote. Thinking that would lower my blood pressure and increase the vote.or at least save me from listening to people who have NO right to comment.

OH.While I am changing the world.
I have taken up two stances. One is the response to"Oh my God you will NEVER guess who I ran into today" Plenty of variations on that theme. I find "In that case I won't guess, go away" quietens the room.
Number two. "You know I lost my keys to day, and you won't believe this but they where in the last place I thought to look! I know you will never guess where that was ?
" Of course they where in the last placed you looked moron, why keep looking ? Are you that bored with life ?"
Going to have to break this up into several chunks, more of a two week tapestry, than anything logical.
Tons to catch up' on spare time recently being used up by helping hospital ed." Oh my goodness we have no funding,but thanks for taking the time to fill out your Mileage sheet and home teaching hours, ,but we screwed up. Probably can not cover it but we are really sorry, and we are sure you did not need the time or the $1000 dolars anyway. Thanks for being a team player, ha ha sorry and all"
Oh yesterday the deli at albertsons was closed down while they made 500 X $8 chicken baskets for inmates, lifers' at the prison, because some jackass civil liberties group says they have to get an "Outside meal" every 2 weeks so they don't lose touch with the outside world. Next week its Rosa Markets $9 Carne Asada Plate.
Ain't life a bitch. We are having warmed up left overs. YES

Now here I am caught in an honesty and ethics personal battle !. Folks are shuddering at the thought of reheated mini ravioli, toe nail clippings and stale bread.
NOT me !!!
My left over killer shepherds pie. Mushrooms, the best mince. peas, turnip, carrots, sweet onion, in a Bisto, Marmite, brown gravy, under twice mashed potatoes with horse radish butter and parmesan cheese with strips of cheddar cheese grilled on top. A can of guinness and a pan of Mushy peas. Sorry people. That is what life is all about. A dab of HP sauce and you can leave this earth happy.
Oh time to put in some pics
I,will be making a new Mex-Brit especial Burrito. Spam and refried HP baked beans, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese.Awesome.

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