Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Format, dumped one ,gone to three mat

Well, I was warned by my "conflictees" that they would block me from Inland County Birds, do not know if they did . So no shots from this side. But accessing is just impossible, my access is compromised, and I need to revise my Yahoo account each time I try to leave a message so. screw it. In an effort to be pleasent, doing pretty damn good so far, I will split my e-mails in half. First half Bird stuff, then a "DO NOT GO PAST HERE NOTE".
Then my whatever notes. So we will give it a try.
Part one of two, being the first part of two, with the second being last, as there are only two parts. (I do not think I have upset anyone yet)
Oh-oh screwed up already.Christ !
If you are dyslexic, then you will read this after you read the second part, thus making the first part the second part.
If you are blind do not have a dyslexic person read this to you or you will miss the point.
BIrds. Went out with no set plan just to bird. Lots of sparrows of almost all the expected flavours, a dawn ladder Back, a quit time Gila nicely bracketed several sparrows.and a townsends Solitaire neat yard bird and a Kingfisher.You get 2 (Two) Sage Sparrow shots (a very very good bird at this time of the year) oh! (For me)
Why we all ask? Because I hit the wrong damn button.
But it emphasises my excitement. This thing came crashing out of some scrub like a mini Shrike, landed on this fence and begged to an adult who left, enough time to take 8 high speed lucky shots. Do Sage Sparrows breed in Riverside county ? Cos this is a home boy
Oh dear did not get around to vikkification. Will try tomorrow.

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