Monday, May 4, 2009

Of dogs ,cardinals, testing and catching up

Hectic week, with little, to no free time. The weekend started Saturday am with this beauty. SW race N Cardinal. Sandy was confused as to "if you could count it", some one had asked her. She is a very limited income lady who lives in a tiny trailer, and loves her ciggies, the occaisional beer and peering at her iris and HER birds. this saves confusion from MY birds. If you had a strong arm you could stand on her porch and throw a baseball into AZ. WE have had 3 in the last 8 years, 2 of which I photod. If you check the history of Cardinals in California, if you where to look for one for your CA list, Blythe would be the obvious spot, any more.
Lee Jones shewed up promptly found and photod a N Parula within walking distance of my house. Annoying'
Foxglove making it ! Corner of the yard turning into a Takahe habitat, more later. Clump grass being added.
Good start to the weekend , as you know you have to pay !So RH and Terrier current sign off.
Jack my wifes hand raised Russel Terrier put her in the emergency room last weekend when it bit her face. She claimed it was her fault. It chewed her hand up yesterday.Hence the singular. I have a 2 bite policy. If the true adage "let sleeping dogs lie" which she did not do in the first event. I allow it as strike one. The second one was not. Ex dog.
A neighbour asked me why I did not put it up for adoption? "They have those rescue places".
So here we go.
"Psycho Jack Russell needs loving home. Has only put person in the Emergency room twice this month. Hand raised and eats them. Looking for home with lots of small children and owners with unlimited medical coverage. Will ignore on command and bite at random. If you wish to own this dog, bring your own shovel"
rh and terrier.

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