Sunday, May 17, 2009

A hawk pic I like, a couple of todays, birds and a lack of principals.

I was not sure if the title was too long or not. But, it did not shut down so I guess I win ? Gbeak continues, baby birds hopping up all over quit at 10:30. 99 degrees. Bronzed C Birds put on a shewing this year, 2 Robin nests being mudlined. Bells Vireo, Summer Tan. YBCuckoo Brown C Flyc none .Scratch rails and Elf Owl. The river bird community is changing and fast.I have decided that collared doves are squeezing out other sp, in the suburbs, simply because of bulk. No nesting problems, shear body mass and numbers, simply stops other birds from getting to the food source.. Talking of food, got some chicken on the Barby. Got the "Christ we are all going to die of E Coli if the temp inside doesn't reach 165, and then the N Koreans will bomb us " thermometer. Neat, its outside and a 104 already when you stick it in whats left of the chicken. Eaten all the skin and part of a leg. Just remembered I did not wash my hands after marinating it this am, call the WHO,I could not believe the frenzy over the swine flew pandemic, how many billions did the drug and vaccine companies make out of that phony press firestorm, what a farce.
Great headline I saw.
"THe WHO says Swine Flu under control"
Hell, if Pete Townsend says they got it covered. Good enough for me.
Talking of farces, and the WHO.
Meet the new boss the same as the .... boss.
Enough said.
I see him making it to Xmas, taking side bets on not making it to opening gate !
We have a new principal at school.
Oh dear.
The school superintendant sent his private plane, yes he has one which the school maintains so he can go back to his ranch in Montana.To pick him up in Sacramento, thursday, shewed him around , signed him and sent him back. 20 minute face to face with staff, 12 who had to be there anyway. Went from Candidate to Principal in 6 hours. Get her done!
Why he will not last ? 3 schools ,4 years. Needs to return to Sac to work, each month on his doctorate.Too killers. He and his family suffer from allergies, nice to be in a town without pollen ?. Looking forwards to being in a small desert community, His wife loves to eat out and they are looking forwards to absorbing the local culture. Laughing "They could not find it on Google" Clincher, they have a 10 month old baby, his wife has never been in the desert, let alone Blythe, enjoys the arts, trees and shopping, and when the baby gets a bit bigger she is hoping to pursue her degree here. Sorry too funny,
regards rh and random animals

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