Saturday, May 23, 2009

The thread. Part six

"The thread" I think my wife called,"it is here".It may have actually have been "get out of bed" ? I rushed out, with my saddle, kicking awake my dragons.Gosh I had not realised how long it has been since I read an Anne McAffrey book !

So here goes, a tale

A long time ago, in a small corner of a large land, lived a group of people called "Birdwatchers". These where humble folk, who relished the out doors and its winged inhabitants. (There where of course castes within the system, from the equipment peacocks, to the "those rathe in id, and easy fodder for the chosen ones". These of course over time, feel there is no point in carrying on, and become extinct. In between are those who wish someone would take the time to advise. I shall draw this caste system out later in Volume 3)
Deciding to set forth on an expedition to locate Avian vagrants, saddled and supplied they left the environs of the Parish of LA, and entered the domain of the Parish of Kern. Their goal,to reach Galileo Hill. Named after the Obscure relative of Benny Hill.
Amongst the said group was a scrivener and illustrator, both of note. Upon reaching the alien shore they parked and located an odd "HEMPID". As we all know, it is best to say looks odd, must be the light and run away. Eschewing the fact that you even opened your mouth, and you were never there on that date.
But the brave band held back while the illustrator moved in, and the scrivener took notes.
After review of the expeditions notes and illustrations, the group felt they had seen an odd "Hempid" and reported it so that other weary travellers might be aware it was there. And be on the look out and maybe help confirm or debunk the thinking at that time. An admirable ethic methinks. Many birds heve been studied,and re-id'd thanks to such valour. I would rather be known as "Can you believe that fool who called it a Sulpher Bellied Flycatcher, we were just shown it by the tour guide, clearly Variegated, say pass me the Bernaisse sauce" than let the bird vanish into oblivion. But thats me. Word was spread among the Parishes,Knowing the folks involved, I believe after considerable discussion and wringing of hands, by them. Most admirable. Sadly news travelled south to the Parish of San Diego.
And awoke that which is known as "Aaaargh", raising its head from the miasmic turgid swamp it dwells in to express its annoyance To be continued

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