Sunday, May 24, 2009

Son of thread. Chapter 24, episode one

The saga comes to a conclusion.........
The travellers from the parish of LA return home. Knowing the talents and nature of the valient searchers, I can safely say that there was much wringing of hands, beating of breasts and cries for enlightment, as to the mysterious avian being. Following the path of intelligence, they chose not to lable it as any specific bird sp, but felt they had ruled out the most obvious.And left it pretty much as an "if you are there keep an eye open" Perfectly fair and rational. No where have I found a member of this troupe claiming or positively "id"ing, nor witholding info. Typing in to my local parishes web site, inland county birds, to share some birding news, when unfortunately. I found I was reading a note from the Aaaargh admonishing, birders from LA who birded Kern, reported "no ID" to several web sites, and having a temper tantrum, on a Riverside web site.WHY ?
The aformentioned person has his own website, the San Diego site, why not type your idiocy up there? Then we innocents who do not have to live under your back stabbing, totalitarion, demeaning, rumour mongering, denigrating, personal attacks can live in peace.

Sir your rant, is nothing more than a childish self indulgent, "I will stomp my little feet", product of a yirning zoophyte
I sit here looking at your submission. Pathetic. You sadly have missed the "VERY IMPORTANT" point. I feel like I am addressing Winnie the Pooh here,Piglet looked up and said I THINK YOU MUST BE MISSING the point POOH. Did you notice that ALL 5 or6 "THOUGHT' it was an Acadian, and agreed not to call it such.Bravo to them. My respect for those involved just increased exponentially. Second paragraph Biggest whiner, ok you win that one. But you shot your self in the foot, I quote "reason other than restricted or private property". I believe Galileo Hills is both. QED.
Your missive descends into childish play ground talk, "Neena Neena you did not know it was a state record, I DID. Look at me I'm wonderful" stupidity.
And as for people not contacting you or returning calls. Why would they want to.
I for one do not see a rarity and suddenly go "Christ better contact "AAAAAARGH" " If I don't he will put something derogatory about me on some randomn web site..

Realising that Websites should be the form of communication between rational humans , the thread of AArgh was expunged. Hopefully Aaaargh has returned to his self appointed pinnacle as web master of SD County, and will return to bullying those birders, he appears to rule over.


Disclaimer, the names and all references to anything real, unreal or imagined are merely products of your mind. Names have not been used in deference to any person, dead, alive, partially alive, or living in their own world
Hopefully the Saga ends here.

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  1. "And as for people not contacting you or returning calls. Why would they want to. "