Friday, May 15, 2009

Fish and birds, and whatever

It occured to me that I type this rubbish out, and most people know nothing about me, have never met me and probably should not !So lock up your daughters ! My wife and I add up to something in the 120's . We tend to need the bathroom before the squabbling has resolved the concept. or one of us forgets what we where arguing about. Actually that is not quite right, I write down what we are arguing about, if I can remember where I put the pencil. She rides her horses and I match wits with up to 185, 16 year old kids at the high school. Sadly the longer I teach science the more I realise I need to start forgetting stuff. A "tide race" is something that happens in K Mart when there is a blue light special on detergents, it seems. Most sad. I curse the person who invented i-pods.
A true story.
Driving to school, at sunrise, I heard the jubilant tones of a Robin heralding the dawn. Turned around dragged out bins and sat and listened. An ant-like line of identical glazed eyed people walking around the park with their i-pods firmly plugged in missing the joy of the day opening, but excercising before hitting starbucks. They where on their second circuit when a "concerned citizen" stopped and took out her ear plugs. "why are you sitting here , are you sick or something, with your camera and binoculars".
I felt reciting Longfellow was of no merit and left
NOW, I of course do not help my cause by my choice of apparel,behaviour,deliberate obtuse accent and using words with silliables in em.
Hence photo. 6:30 Sunday Morning 39.6 lb flat head cat, rushed to Albertsons to shop, ran into the Holier than me crowd who wanted to talk about their kids, before church. Between my appearance and aroma made it through the store in record time. I had never seen women "seizing their babys, and clutching to their breasts" before. I thought it was just in Zane Grey novels and vapid descriptions in Victorian Melon dramas. Gosh never got to birds . Will try again tomorrow rh Terrier and adopted new canine species found at the pound !

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