Sunday, May 24, 2009

a quiet day, some pics from the day

Warm and a lot of folks. Made the early Sunday morning ritual, run for the paper and sewage farm check.
Returned to the fold and pondered. Decided a slow drive around the fish farm and use the early am light, that would be coming over my shoulder, would be a great way to pick up my humour and just enjoy the early light, Car loaded set up yesterday to rush to Pavlov mountains, with the rest of the knee jerk reflex rarity chasers. No call so set off. Some where along the 6.4 mile trip to the Fish farm I aquired a Sherriff shadow. I stopped it stopped. Meanwhile truck loads of semi clad teens riding in the back of pickups throwing beer cans went un noticed.. That was slightly exaggerated but you get the idea. Followed me for 4 and a quarter miles. . Dutifully stopping, when I did.Most amuzing, turned onto the fish farm road. Now you are trapped once you get on that banks road, all it means is the further you drive in behind me simply means you back out further.When you get bothered and need to go elsewhere, reverse.I am glad he/she/it was behind me. It encouraged me to stop and drive very slowly, looking for marsh/ditch birds.
I will post some to this sight
Not Photod, no camera, was a Crow in the Albertsons Parking lot at 5:00 am as I loaded up groceries. Good Blythe tick

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