Sunday, April 26, 2009

White Owls , migrants and long time no see !

It is taking forever to down load pics. This one 32 minutes. So the Hell with it,
trying to photo a Dragonfly and felt I was being watched, I was ! I got of this snap, snd it sank. E-mail during the week, oh my goodness. Spent far too little time with Lee Jones "Birder of Belize" out in the field today. He is going to be around for a few days, too much to catch up with. How much? Looked through notes and rewound the 8-track storage vault in my memory. This much, 33 years,3 months and 4 days worth, is all ! Needless to say there has been much spilt milk that is no point in discussing, after the stable door passes in and out one year under the bridge, since then to cover today, but we birded like old times. Too cool.
We found a smattering of warblers, and a Barn Owl, that is basicly an Albino. This bird is roosting in the same grove as "THE Great Horned Owl, that eats Barn Owls". Nothing like pushing natural selection !
Oh a point of trivia.The circle is complete !
I now have the set. I have my "Birds of Southern California by Garrett and Dunn' in front of me.
McAskie found me a copy, and signed it for Xmas '81, Dunn signed it '86, Jean Brandt to whom it is dedicated signed it,on the ONLY blythe xmas count. Kimble signed it '96 ish, The Unitt signed, Sue Clark of Clarks ranch fame signed it and today Lee Jones Illustrator signed it. It took 28 years !There used to be a dumb game, involving Kevin Bacon and steps he was away from people. So dumb that I played it using myself. I am 2 steps from Bruce Springstein, 2 from Frank Zappa, and 2 from the Pope, and I guess if you are in with the correct religion 2 steps from God. I like Frank Zappa more. I would love a list of the famous birders, my signees could give me a step to.
Next week we start the "Asshole Bush "inspired no child left behind testing. 9th graders trapped in a room for 3 hours for 5 days in a row . Pure Genius. Fortunately science is first, because I can guarantee you, by Friday they will be "Bubbling in" hate mail,and finished in 10 minutes, without opening the test book regards rh and terriers

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