Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spitefull down load - spandex

I wrote this a while back, still relevant. ! The computer was resisting my will at the time but kindly saved it !
Why do people wear spandex ?
So you are stupid enough to ride a bicycle in the sonoran desert, in 100 degree plus heat wearing this months flourescent colours. Please refrain But I don't need you cat fighting over Mangoes, in Albertsons and stretching so I can not avoid noticing you are Jewish and like piercing, don't wear spandex. I do not care if you have 14 children, all grossly overweight, the males in shorts with their asses hanging out with I pods in their ears shouting "hey nigger" across the store, whilst you ram your 10 trollies into the back of peoples heels at the check out counter and spend $500 on prime rib, then fish around in your cavernous cleavage for that last pesky food stamp. DO not dress you or your voluminous daughters in spandex. It sounded like songs of the Humpback whales was being played in Albertsons this morning as you wallowed around the store like a Mammoth herd. Literally grazing through the produce aisle.One bite and put it back. And the little picanninies with their hair braded into fuses with multicolour rubber bands. And what is with the Hispanics, carpet slippers blue, white socks, long pants to the knees, white wife beater and tatoos on every square inch ? AH got that off my chest. Notice how I chose to ignore the worst dresser in the world

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