Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring break birds. Wader invasion.

This had a long tail attached but thecomputer.... So try short and sweet. Ok got the damn thing back from the pits of Mordor.Waders Snowy, Semmi P Whimbrel LBCurlew peeps,Stilt sand LB Dow first Baby K Deer build up of stilts Dunlin Sanderling Solit Sand and 2 knot "on the river spits". All splendid when you add up my acreage of habitat.Raptors Male Nharr and WT Kite , perfect habit. Influx W Red tails. BW Teal and Bufflehead 5 Barn Nests, 2 GH Owl VG Swall, Mc G and Yell warb Lazuli stunning. Singing sparrows Lark Brewers WC and Lark Lsr Gfinch = 2 nstlings, Black, Caspian, and Forsters tern. And BH Gull . On the run after losing the last missive.
Rh and terriers.

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