Friday, April 17, 2009

Why I like that picture part ii and more rubbish

It would appear that my computer liked it enough that, it felt no need to include my text, nor in fact anything else for that matter. Damned uppity piece of crap, may pull its plug for a while !
The reason why I like that picture, Included herein is a picture of a GB Heron. I was headed for central Blythe in the early am, ignoring pigeons. Saw a heron in the power complex. Ignoring lights and stop signs, stopped and took its picture. After a honk and a head wave from a passing sheriff, I backed up and parked on the pavement, well kinda.The bird kept peering at something, and plunged into the bottom of a dry canal, like a falling GM share. Then resurfaced, and stood moving its head in tracking motion as the wind blew the two dead flowers around (see top RHS), total mesormorization. This passage of time allowed for the sherrif, to turn around in Auto Zone parking lot, and park, in the corect direction of traffic flow ie parallel to me. And start seemingly,to put down his coffee and ponder how many pages he could fill out before he even got out the car. Time to leave, smiling and shouting thanks.
I will down load some pictures of common birds I took this week. For no particular reason then that is basicly all we have. I was gobbled up by the forecast and even bought another card for my camera, expecting sunshine and migrants.
Even this am "Dallas Johny Mountain Rain tempest etc" 4am to be precise the Weather pimps and their ilk were in their rumpled suits, shooting their cuffs and dancing around like burned out brylcreemed, lounge lizards, expounding my weather. They have not got it right one day in the last seven. Not even close. Today "Early summer temps winds dissappearing, a beautiful lead in to what looks like a wonderful warm wind free weekend in the deserts. with high temperatures" or some such. It was 44 this morning and is blowing like Hell.. So pics an accounting of the Gull and more stuff over the course of today. Going to pick up and repair wind chimes after yesterdays nice spring morning. rh and terriers.
I guess the computer did not want to send that either, so a couple of hours later
It is titledyou get this tagged on.This could be "THE NEVER ENDING E-mail"

Will try sending again. So I can explain my .......

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